Summer food safety tips

Follow these simple tips by our Infection Prevention and Control Manager Kirsty Friesema to avoid getting a food-borne illness this summer, as germs can grow quickly in food in hot weather.

Kirsty Frisema food hygeine

1. Keep hands clean (before and after handling food)

2. Thaw and marinate meat in the fridge (don't thaw food on kitchen bench or reuse marinades that have touched raw meat)

3. Handle raw meat with clean tools (wash utensils, cutting boards and crockery carefully afterwards)

4. Cook meat thoroughly (use a food thermometer to check the temperature reaches 74 degrees for chicken, 72 degrees for red meat and 63 degrees for fish and pork)

5. Don't let food sit out (food should be left out of the fridge no longer than one hour on hot days or two hours on cooler days).

Kirsty Friesema Infection Prevention and Control Manager

About the Author

Kirsty Frisema is the Infection Prevention and Control Manager who works at St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals. She has more than 16 years’ experience in hospitals and is passionate about patient safety and providing high quality care for patients.