Disability services

Disability services

Our disability services St John of God Accord, Marillac and St John of God Hauora Trust provide support for clients and their families in both Australia and New Zealand.

 Patients with disabilities

St John of God Accord and Marillac

St John of God Accord supports people with an intellectual disability to realise their full potential by providing person-centred care.

On 5 May 2017, we extended our disability services with the acquisition of Marillac Ltd which provides care and support for people with a disability and their families. The services, which are operated by St John of God Accord, focus primarily on children and young adults with an intellectual disability.

Our flexible and tailored support services are available throughout Melbourne's east, north and west metropolitan regions.

What we offer

We place the people we support at the centre of everything we do. We work with clients, families and carers and offer a range of disability services and care options suited to each individual’s personal needs and goals.

We support people to gain confidence, create new friendships, and flourish in a welcoming and safe environment.

Our support services

  • Specialist services - a range of options including positive behavior support, occupational therapy, speech therapy, support coordination as well as other services.
  • Wellbeing and life skills development – focuses on social and life skills, developing and building on interests, employment support, abilities and community participation.
  • Education and learning – provides certificate-based education and developmental training to enhance skills and knowledge.
  • Accommodation and in-home support – provides a range of options from a one-off episode, regularly scheduled times, or 24-hour support either in your home or in our group homes as well as a dedicated home and community care program in Casey.
  • Recreation and respite - offer individuals support in respite facilities, support to access leisure activities of their choice and support to access vacation care programs.

For more information about our disability services please visit St John of God Accord or Marillac.


St John of God Accord

Tel: 1300 002 226

Email: accord.CEO@sjog.org.au


Tel: (03) 9591 6400 or (03) 9784 5888

Email: info@marillac.com.au

St John of God Hauora Trust

St John of God Hauora Trust is a leading provider of disability, youth and social services in New Zealand.

We provide supportive and person-centred care to people living with a disability as well as vulnerable children, young people and families through our health and ability services and community, youth and child services.

For more information about our disability services please visit St John of God Hauora Trust or contact the Trust on (03) 339 1790