Walking in St John of God’s footsteps

Exactly 480 years ago, St John of God walked into Granada in Spain on a journey leading him to caring for the sick and poor in the city. On his Feast Day, 8 March, we reflect on how we at St John of God Health Care continue his work.

St John of God Day 2018 

7 March 2018

In 2018, we focus on the sandals that St John of God wore around Granada as he sought out the sick and impoverished and collected alms and supplies for them.

St John of God Health Care Director of Mission Integration Group Services Martin Loney said the well-worn sandals represented St John of God’s work as well as the care provided today by our caregivers.

“Our frontline caregivers often spend their days on their feet caring for the sick and those in need. Many others support them to carry out their roles,” he said.

St John of God Health Care celebrates St John of God’s Feast Day every year in recognition of his mission to alleviate suffering and comfort the sick in Spain in the 1500s.

“Taking the time to celebrate St John of God Day provides a great opportunity to reflect on the important role we play as we walk in John’s footsteps caring for those in need in our community,” he said.

“Our caregivers go out of their way to continue spreading St John of God’s vision ensuring that our patients, visitors and caregivers are treated with hospitality and respect.”