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Free or no out-of-pocket expenses, personalised counselling and support for mums, dads and families.

Pregnancy and parenthood can put significant stress on new parents. It isn’t uncommon for anxiety and depression to disrupt parent-baby relationships, wellbeing and family life. That’s why, at Raphael Services, we offer vital early intervention counselling, therapy and support, from conception to baby’s fourth birthday, enabling vulnerable parents to thrive – emotionally, mentally and as a family. View our client stories.

About Raphael Services Raphael Services Impact Report

The early years of life are critical to ensure that babies develop into confident, capable children and young adults. However, the practical demands and financial pressures that accompany parenthood can put unexpected stress on families at this crucial time, creating cycles of doubt, isolation, anxiety and depression that can be harmful for parents and new families. That’s why we’re here at Raphael Services, with early intervention counselling and support services that we provide free, or with no-out-of-pocket expenses. Led by psychiatrists, our multidisciplinary teams deliver personalised, community-based care that enables parents to access and develop the support they need to thrive. 

Designed with parents, for parents and their families

We employ a phased, multidisciplinary approach to service delivery, overseen by psychiatrists, that ensures parents get the tailored support they need. From initial assessment to one-to-one counselling to support groups and helping parents develop their own peer support networks, we customise our team and services to create a personalised experience and solution that evolves with each family’s journey.

It may be that minimal support is required. It may be that a more comprehensive program is necessary, including medication or partnership with third-party services. We treat every parent as an individual and provide a holistic solution designed to help mums and dads develop and manage their own mental wellbeing.  

Making mental and emotional wellbeing support accessible

 Traditionally, accessing mental health and wellbeing support has been difficult for parents. On one hand, finding local support can be hard. On the other, high quality support founded on psychiatric best practice is also expensive – often prohibitively so – for parents at a time when financial stress may be placing additional strain on their relationships and wellbeing.

Our service is provided free or with no-out-of-pocket expenses and is delivered at a range of locations, including community and health campus hubs that can be accessed via public transport. All that’s required is a GP referral and a mental health care plan.

We aim to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health, employing a community-based delivery model that enables parents to access our support services alongside other pregnancy and medical support services.

Attachment Theory: Early intervention making a lasting difference Raphael Services Impact Report

Research has long told us that the emotional and physical bond between mother and baby has lifelong consequences for children. In fact, the quality of this connection affects everything from motor skills and intellectual development to social skills and confidence.

This is why Attachment Theory is at the heart of everything we do at Raphael Services. Our priority is ensuring parents are able to create the attachment that gives their child the best start in life. This means providing at-risk parents with stability and support that helps prevent anxiety developing into depression or other mental health issues. It can also mean providing specialised attachment support to help nurture a healthy connection and relationship.

Nurturing stronger parents, families and children

At a time when a host of factors can have a negative effect on the mental health of parents – from lack of sleep, to financial stress, to isolation – we offer a personalised path to mental and emotional wellbeing. A path that ensures baby’s life journey gets off to the best possible start.

By looking at all facets of parental mental health and enabling parents to manage their own emotional wellbeing using the wealth of supports, techniques and tools available, we ensure parents and families are not only able to cope, but actively thrive. 

Client stories

Find out how we support our clients to reach their full potential and experience opportunities of their choice.

Your support will go a long way

The positive effects of our early intervention support extend way beyond childhood. We nurture stronger parents, families and children who grow into healthier, more capable young adults.

If you’d like to support our work and give more families across Australia access to our life-changing services, either through a private donation or as a corporate partner, please contact us.

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