Transitioning to independence with community support

St John of God Social Outreach’s Casa Venegas program is proud to be working with local organisations in Burwood to support clients who are transitioning to independent living.

24 Jun 2020

Transitioning to independent livingCasa Venegas, based in the inner west and south west of Sydney, provides secure accommodation, support and advocacy to help men and women with a long-term mental health condition who are  homeless or at risk of homelessness. The service supports them to start their recovery journey, gain confidence, build positive connections and ultimately move towards an independent and fulfilling life in the community.

When a client enters the service, Casa Venegas caregivers immediately work with them to submit an application for a housing pathway and begin preparing them for when a housing offer comes through.

Casa Venegas Program Support Officer, Lynn Devitt said leaving the program is a major life event and that donations from the local community and various charities help clients with self-sufficiency.

Casa Venegas recently established a new partnership with bedding retailer, Sleeping Duck, who donate mattresses returned within their 100 night trial period to Casa Venegas clients transitioning to independent living.

“Moving and setting up a new home is costly for anyone, let alone for our clients who often come into our service with few possessions,” Lynn said.

“Having this type of partnership means there is one less expense to worry about when moving into their own home.”

Once a client transitions out of Casa Venegas and into their own home, the service continues to support clients for a transitional period and ensures a support worker or NDIS support is available and ready to assist them if required while they settle in.

“Our clients are grateful to have been able to access our free service and feel a sense of pride each day because they are independent and moving forward with life,” Lynn said.

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