Helping regional, at-risk young men graduate

Last month, three of the young people at James Garnaut Horizon House in Broome, Jake, Lawrence and Philip, celebrated a significant milestone – they graduated from high school.

2 December 2019


Prior to joining the Horizon House Program, all three young men were on the verge of dropping out of school completely.

Jake had only attended school for a total of two weeks between years seven and ten but six months after moving into James Garnaut Horizon House, his attendance rose to about 90 per cent.

Social Outreach State Manager Youth Services WA Paul Loseby said prior to residing at James Garnaut Horizon House, Jake and Lawrence were living in family homes that were overcrowded and not conducive to learning.

“They didn’t have a room of their own and one of them was sleeping on the living room floor – this was not helping his school attendance,” he said.

Philip on the other hand had been living elsewhere, but found it to be a restrictive environment and was contemplating dropping out of school.

All three were referred to James Garnaut Horizon House through the Clontarf Foundation.

James Garnaut Horizon House provided them with a stable living environment, regular meals, and structure and routine to support healthy sleeping habits.

During their time at Horizon House these young men all learnt essential independent living skills including cooking, cleaning and budgeting.

All three are currently looking into their career options.

“What this shows is that the young men in our program are very capable, have succeeded, and are now transitioning to independence,” Paul said.

“Having a high school certificate will provide these young people with more vocational prospects, and in turn, a way to move forward with their lives.

“It’s a true privilege to be part of a program that genuinely helps to change the trajectory of young men’s lives.”