Compassion during Advent

Advent is the time we prepare for Christmas. St John of God Health Care Group Director Mission Integration Marcelle Mogg explains how this preparation goes beyond Advent calendars and Christmas decorations.

St John of God Health Care Christmas Advent

"One of the most wonderful things that I see when I visit our hospitals and services during Advent are the beautiful Christmas decorations that start to fill our facilities and wards," Marcelle says.

"The decorations bring with them a sense of joy and anticipation for the celebrations ahead.

"What I also notice is the strong sense of compassion that we show to each other at this time.

"Advent invites us to take the time to sit and listen, and share with those who are around us, our families, our friends, our colleagues and those in our care.

"As healthcare providers, we want to be compassionate caregivers who listen, accompany and support the people who are in our care.

"As Pope Francis says, we do this by caring for each person as not a number, but a person, unique and unrepeatable.”

"Reflecting on how we can do this at Advent, reminds us all of the importance of compassion now and throughout the year."

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