Meet Zainab and Millificent

At 36-weeks pregnant and without any family support to rely on, 17-year-old Zainab joined Horizon House’s Mother & Baby Program in March 2017. Now 19, Zainab and her young daughter, Millicent, are not only feeling prepared for the future, but excited about it.

“I was in Year 11 when Millicent was born early, not long after I moved to Horizon House,” said Zainab.  Meet Zainab and Millificent
“The Horizon House team was there to help me at a time when I had no one else. I was all alone.”

Not surprisingly, Zainab was overwhelmed, but that changed during her year at Horizon House. 

“I didn’t know how to raise a baby and Horizon House really helped me with this,” explained Zainab.

“I learned how to be a good mum. I learned how to use public transport, how to budget, how to look after my own home. There were many things I learned.”

Now, Zainab is completing her studies at school, while also doing work placement at an aged care home. Millicent attends day care and Zainab visits her during the day.

“I’ll finish school next year and I’d like to continue my studies at TAFE,” said Zainab.

“Then, I’d like to get my driver’s licence and, one day, become a midwife, which I wouldn’t have been able to even consider without Horizon House.

“I’ve now left the house, but the ongoing support they provide is amazing. It’s more than accommodation. Horizon House has helped me and my daughter in so many ways.”