Orthopaedics research at Subiaco

Our research is concerned with how flaps are used in wrist and elbow soft tissue reconstructions. Flaps are pieces of tissue taken from one part of the body and placed in another part of the body. We are particularly focused on improving understanding of the relationships between arteries and nerves linked to a flap placed in a patient’s forearm.

Our research is undertaken at St John of God Subiaco Hospital and the Clinical Training and Evaluation Centre in Crawley.

  • Surgeons use a posterior interosseous artery (PIA) flap commonly for wrist or elbow soft tissue reconstruction. This flap can be used for hand, forearm and elbow soft tissue reconstruction.
  • There is little appreciation of the anatomy of the forearm nerve which courses immediately adjacent to the flap whilst dissecting.
  • Potential injury of the nerve can be avoided by understanding the relationship between the nerve and artery in the forearm.
  • Our research focuses on the relationships between the artery and nerve supplying a PIA flap in the forearm.
  • Previously, surgeons have not had a good appreciation between the main artery supplying the PIA flap and the nerve which courses through the flap, leading to potential injury of the nerve. 
Angus Keogh
Bryan Tan

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