Cardiology research

The Cardiology Research Group at St John of God Subiaco Hospital was established in July 2015 to improve outcomes for people with cardiovascular conditions that are public health priorities in Australia. We target major causes of cardiovascular disease (morbidity) and death (mortality) that affect the most number of patients and with highest burden of disease. 

The Cardiology Research Group aims to provide the best advanced care for patients, to continuously improve cardiology treatment and to contribute to the body of knowledge.
  • Cardiovascular disease is leading cause of death and a major burden of disease in Australia.
  • Ongoing research is essential to improve our knowledge and methods in effective prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.
  • Our research targets the most common causes of cardiovascular hospital admission and deaths in Australia.
  • Participation in global drug trials is one of the areas of our activities that help us to assess the most advance care for cardiovascular disease.
Western Cardiology Investigators 
A/Prof Brendan McQuillan, Cardiologist 
Dr Johan Janssen, Cardiologist 
Dr Eric Yamen, Cardiologist 
Dr Tim Gattorna, Cardiologist 
Dr Stephen P. F. Gordon, Cardiologist 
Dr Mark E. Hands, Cardiologist 
Dr Philip A. Cooke, Cardiologist 
Dr Paul Stobie, Cardiologist 
Dr Devind Bhullar, Cardiologist 

Research Officer 
Dr Katayun Mohammadi