Visitor information

We encourage you to visit your loved ones in hospital as we know you can play a vital role in providing support and encouragement during their recovery.

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions 

As a part of our coronavirus (COVID-19) management plans and advice from authorities, we are undertaking a number of precautions to help keep people within our hospitals and facilities safe from harm.

Please read our latest advice about what to do if you have an upcoming admission or want to visit someone in hospital.

If you are seeking assistance, or testing for coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit your nearest COVID-19 clinic; or contact your GP.

You can also call the Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.

Visitor restrictions

  • One visitors for one hour per day. 
  • Exceptions may apply for patients who have a disability that requires carer support, patients who are attending outpatients or consulting appointments and require a support person. Visitors can expected to be screened on arrival 
  • Visitors who are given clearance to enter according to the exceptions are required to wear a face mask.

Please call us for more information.

Visitor talking with caregiver

Visiting hours during Covid-19

In line with Victorian Health Department guidelines, we currently have a ban on visitors.

There are a few exceptions as follows:

• A parent/guardian accompanying a patient who is a child under 18 years
• A carer accompanying a patient with a disability
• A partner/support person accompanying a pregnant patient (admitted for pregnancy care)
• A visitor accompanying a patient attending ED
• A visitor accompanying a patient receiving end of life care
• A visitor accompanying a patient for an outpatient appointment
• A visitor accompanying a patient to provide care and support on a particular day – visit no longer than 2 hours made by 1 person or 2 persons together

Eligible visitors will be required to undergo a health screening prior to entry into the hospital and may be denied entry if they are showing any COVID-19 related symptoms. All eligible visitors must pre-arrange approval to access the hospital by calling (03) 8793 9444

Visiting hours are limited to 5-7pm and are only for designated, pre-arranged visitors. Please contact the hospital for more information.

For more information about our visiting hours, please contact: (03) 8793 9444

Alcohol and Drug Dependency Unit special visitor arrangements

Withdrawing from drugs or alcohol can be an emotionally distressing time. Visits from loved ones can stimulate strong feelings of grief, regret or shame and may result in some patients discharging themselves or not progressing with treatment.

To ensure our patients have the best chance of recovery, visitors are only allowed after patients have been in the clinic for seven days.