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Consumer engagement

Our Community Advisory Council actively promotes community participation to improve and enhance our patient experience and hospital services by providing input on hospital policy and planning.


Community and Consumer Advisory Council 

Our Community and Consumer Advisory Council forms part of our commitment to deliver excellent health care.

The Council provides a forum for community input into the provision of our services and activities.

Its role is to represent a consumer voice and enhance the patient experience at the hospital by providing input into our service delivery and planning.

Council members have a variety of backgrounds and experience. Many are heavily involved in the community, including representation on other boards, councils and committees.

Mental Health Consumer and Carer Advisory Group

We are currently establishing a mental health Consumer and Carer Advisory Group (CCAG), as part of our commitment to partner with patients, carers and the community in regards to mental health care.

The CCAG will provide a voice for mental health consumers and carers and provide feedback into the planning, design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of our mental health services.

CCAG members need to have experienced mental illness firsthand, either as an individual or as a carer, and be recovery orientated and focussed on enhancing the needs of consumers and carers.

For more information: info.midland@sjog.org.au