How hypnobirthing can help you prepare for labour

Hypnobirthing Australia is a uniquely designed program for Australian mothers and their birth companions. The program prepares you with the knowledge, confidence and tools you need to birth calmly and confidently. 

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Classes are led by our experienced midwife and qualified Hypnobirthing instructor Mel Corbett, who explains what you can expect and why it might help you.

What is hypnobirthing?

The Hypnobirthing Australia course is an antenatal program which aims to empower you and your birth partner have a more positive and relaxed calm birth experience, which can result in a reduction of pain. 
Through the skills and knowledge shared at our workshops you will learn how to approach the birth of your baby without fear or tension.

What to expect

Through the course we will teach you how to place yourself in an ultra-calm state during labour and birth, using tools such as visualisations, music, self-hypnosis, aromatherapy, acupressure and other relaxation techniques. 
Your birthing companion participates in these classes to help them feel more confident and empowered in their role as birth support.

During our classes you: 

  • gain an understanding of how the brain and body work together during labour and birth,
  • learn how your birthing muscles and brain can work in harmony
  • master the skills that will help you achieve a deep state of relaxation
  • learn to approach birth with positive anticipation and confidence.

You will also receive additional resources, hypnosis downloads and ongoing support from your class practitioner.

Hypnobirthing at St John of God Bendigo Hospital

Mel, an experienced midwife and qualified hypnobirthing instructor, leads our Hypnobirthing Australia classes, which run approximately every 6 weeks.
For couples registered to give birth at St John of God Bendigo Hospital, we are pleased to offer this program at a subsided rate. Please contact Mel for more details. 

Our remaining dates for 2018 are:
7 and 14 October 9.00am to 4.00pm

Find out more

For more information please contact: 
Mel Corbett
Tel: 0400 260 404

Mel Corbett
Mel Corbett Associate Nurse Unit Manager and a qualified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner

About the Author

Mel Corbett is the St John of God Bendigo’s Hospital Associate Nurse Unit Manager and a qualified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner. She has empowered many women and their families to have the calm and positive birth experience they desired. Mel has completed her Degree in Nursing and graduate diploma in Midwifery, as well as completing her Hypnobirthing training with Hypnobirthing Australia.