Pomegranate Community Mental Health Service

We offer psychotherapy to adults, adolescents, families and children from low income and disadvantaged households in the Grampians region.

Psychotherapy is a treatment to help you change or overcome problems and challenges by talking openly about your concerns to an objective and non-judgemental therapist and actively work toward change.

Our qualified therapists have a range of backgrounds including psychology, social work and psychotherapy and are trained in a wide variety of psychotherapy treatments. 

Who accesses psychotherapy?

You may be referred because you are finding life distressing in some way and want to further understand your current situation and make changes.

Psychotherapy can assist you to develop more understanding of your experiences and support you to find solutions to help you cope with ongoing challenges, including those in the future.

Our services

We provide a wide range of approaches and assess your needs to tailor care to meet your goals. We offer individual psychotherapy, child-focused parent psychotherapy and group treatment programs. 

We help you understand the problems you are experiencing by providing support to find your own solutions to challenges. This may include providing you information and enhancing your existing skills and/or offering alternative strategies for you to consider. We do not provide advice.

Sessions may occur weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your needs. Towards the end of your episode of care the length of time between sessions may increase.


We provide psychotherapy for adults, young adults, children and their families, with marginalised and low income households (usually below $60,000 per annum) given priority.

We charge a low contribution fee which is based on your income, to discuss:

Tel: (03) 5320 2260.

If you have a mental health treatment plan provided by your general practitioner (GP) you may be eligible for Medicare rebates.


We accept referrals from individuals, parents and guardians of children, GPs and community organisations.

You may be referred to our service or self-refer because you:

  • experience depression, anxiety and/or any other mental health challenges
  • have difficulties with work, life and relationships
  • have tried antidepressant treatment and/or other strategies which are not meeting your needs.

All referrals are discussed by our therapists to determine if our services are appropriate for you. If it is deemed that our service is not the most appropriate we will support you, as best possible, to connect with a more suitable service.    

Referral information for GPs

Please send a referral letter outlining issues related to your patient’s referral including a signed mental health treatment plan. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss specific concerns.

We contact patients via letter, once referred and call prior to an initial appointment.

Referral information for parents

If you think your child would benefit from therapy or from your engagement in child-focused parent psychotherapy, please speak to us directly. A decision will then be made in consultation with yourself and our therapists about whether we are the most appropriate option for your child and family.

Tel: (03) 5320 2260


We provide placement opportunities to Master of Psychology students which means you may work with a registered provisional psychologist under the supervision of our experienced therapists.

All trainees have completed undergraduate degrees and post graduate degrees in psychology.

Contact us

Street address:
105 Webster Street
Ballarat 3350

Postal address:
PO Box 146W
Ballarat West VIC 3353

Tel: (03) 5320 2260
Fax: (03) 5331 8455

Email: pomegranatehouse.ballarat@sjog.org.au