Corporate citizenship

As a responsible corporate citizen, we recognise that we do not and should not act in isolation of the communities within which we operate. We therefore try to ensure our operational success goes hand in hand with enhancing broader community and social wellbeing.

Children playing on the news kids playground at St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals

As a ministry of the Catholic Church we operate within a framework set by Church teaching as well as with political and economic frameworks shaped by public policy and available resources.

The principles of responsible corporate citizenship are fundamental to our Vision, Mission and Values and are inherent in all aspects of our operations.

We extend our care and service into the community with a generosity of spirit that calls us to enthusiastically go beyond what might be expected, and leave people with, most importantly, a reason to hope and a greater sense of their own dignity.

We strive to be recognised as a responsible corporate citizen through seven key areas:

Valued health service provision

  • Our health care services continue the healing mission of Jesus Christ, promoting life to the full by enhancing the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual dimension of being human.
  • We provide excellent whole person care valued by the communities we serve.
  • We encourage feedback from patients, doctors, caregivers and the community so we can continually improve our services and meet needs and expectations.

Ethical behaviour and legal compliance

  • We educate our caregivers about ethical behaviour so they can apply their knowledge and learning in every day practice and decision making. This is also reflected in our Code of Conduct, Leadership Profile and Ethics Committee.
  • We aim to meet or exceed legal requirements and work to ensure compliance with council bylaws, relevant State and Federal legislation, including trade practices, occupational health and safety, human resources, industrial relations, taxation, the environment, disability standards and private and public hospital licensing. 
  • Furthermore, we strive to comply with all aspects of the Catholic Church's canon law.

Financial stewardship and corporate governance

  • Successful stewardship of our financial, human and physical resources is vital to our ongoing stability and growth. We ensure our facilities and services are preferred by doctors, caregivers, patients and the general community.
  • Maintaining financial performance ensures we can confidently invest in our future and that of the communities we serve and to partner with our bankers, creditors and other financial partners including funders and governments.
  • We adopt best practice corporate governance wherever possible.

Attractive and principled employment

  • We create a culture that values and supports caregivers, with employment relations based on trust and principles centred on and aligned with our Mission and Values.

Social outreach and social justice advocacy

  • As a Catholic health care organisation, we actively provide services to address poor health and disadvantage within local, national and international communities.
  • Our Social Outreach program provides coordinated and integrated practical care for those in need. We provide services which extend our Mission into the communities we serve.
  • Our social justice advocacy commitment requires that we engage in public policy and public advocacy for social and structural change.

Environmental stewardship

  • We exercise care and good stewardship in our use of the Earth's resources and protection of the environment. We strive to achieve:
    • environmental leadership
    • legal compliance
    • risk management
    • waste and energy use minimisation
    • benchmarking and sharing best practice.

Community participation

  • As a major employer and service provider, we actively participate in activities that serve to strengthen community life.
  • We provide and facilitate undergraduate and postgraduate clinical and other health care related education.
  • We support clinical research in selected centres of excellence where we can make a difference.
  • We sponsor community organisations with aligned objectives, a broad variety of arts activities and actively encourage our caregivers (supported by a community leave policy) to contribute to their communities by volunteering their time to services or programs.
  • We also encourage community participation and engagement via an extensive volunteer network, community consultation forums, partnerships with community groups and consumer representation in service planning and development.