Community Mental Health Services

Helping vulnerable people cope with mental health issues and life.

No out-of-pocket expenses or low-cost therapy, counselling and mental health support that changes livesAnyone’s life can be derailed by a mental health issue. For disadvantaged or marginalised individuals and families, it can be difficult to find support before life enters a downward spiral. But that’s why we’re here.

Our community mental health services provide individually tailored low-cost or no-cost therapy, counselling and strategies that help vulnerable people in Victoria and Western Australia turn their mental health and life around. View our client stories.

About our community mental health services

Left unchecked, any mental health issue can affect relationships and disrupt or even derail lives. The danger is that things can easily slip and spiral out of control, with challenges and problems compounding a bad situation or state of mind. Our community mental health teams help prevent this from happening. Currently available in Fremantle, Ballarat and Warrnambool, our community-based mental health support and interventions help people – individuals and families – who might otherwise struggle to access mental health services.

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People can access our free or low-cost services through self-referral, or by referral from their GP or healthcare practitioner. 

Changing the mental and emotional health paradigm

While one in five people will experience mental illness or mental health issues, accessing mental health support is often problematic, particularly for people living in remote and regional areas.

Moreover, there’s still stigma attached to seeking mental health and emotional wellbeing support, even for such common, everyday-life issues as:

  • relationship problems or family conflict
  • stress, anxiety and depression
  • dealing with grief, loss or trauma
  • feelings of sadness, remorse, anger or guilt
  • loneliness, hopelessness or feeling overwhelmed
  • panic attacks, phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

 Our goal through our community mental health services is to change this paradigm by providing personalised care and support where it can really change people’s lives.

Caring in the community, with the community CMHS page 42

Our caregivers come from clinical, health and social welfare backgrounds and, together, we offer a broad range of evidenced-based counselling, psychotherapy and mental health support and education services. What’s more, because all of our support staff live and work in the local communities they serve, our services are designed for – and with – the individuals and families that need them, in partnership with general practitioners and other local healthcare providers.

Understanding this local context, we’re able to develop highly personalised support solutions that enable our clients (known in our industry as ‘consumers’) to move on and live their best life. But just as importantly, by creating a vital dialogue with other local healthcare providers and acute mental health services, we’re able to actively seek out and address new and emerging areas of need, shifting the focus of our teams and services, or even piloting entirely new initiatives.

Helping people reset their lives and thrive

By delivering an inclusive partnership model that involves carers, clients and connections with other healthcare providers and mental health services, we’re able to provide self-determined, whole-wellbeing solutions designed around each person’s unique situation and goals.

It isn’t about fixing people when they are at their most vulnerable. It isn’t about prescribing a solution. It’s about walking with people on a highly personal journey of recovery. It’s about providing a way forward, step by step, with integrated pathways to other health, wellbeing and community programs that enable people to move on and thrive. And ultimately, it’s about encouraging and empowering people to understand, nurture and sustain their mental and physical wellbeing so they can live their best life as a connected member of the community.

Client stories

Find out how we support our clients to reach their full potential and experience opportunities of their choice.

Help us reach more people in the community.

While we already provide life-changing mental health and wellbeing support in communities across Victoria and Western Australia, there’s so much more we can do. If you’d like to support our work, either through a private donation or as a corporate partner, please get in touch.

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