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Helping people with enduring mental health issues, who are at risk of homelessness, regain hope, independence and a meaningful life.

Housing, mental health and independent living support for people at risk of homelessness. 

Homelessness, isolation and poor mental health often go hand in hand. At Casa Venegas, we’re breaking the cycle for people at risk of homelessness in Sydney.

More than simply offering accommodation, we provide a stable home and the support they need to build their confidence, new connections and, ultimately, a more independent, fulfilling life in the community. View our client stories

About Casa Venegas

While the reasons for homelessness are as diverse as the people who experience it, it’s a fact: 80% of homeless adults have at least one diagnosed mental health condition. We also know that, without stable accommodation and reliable support, the effects of persistent and severe mental health issues leave people feeling increasingly marginalised and disconnected from family and the community.

In other words, people with mental health issues who experience homelessness can find themselves stuck in a cycle that’s hard to get out of.

More than just a roof, we offer hope

At Casa Venegas, we provide medium-term accommodation for people with mental health issues who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness – a vital first step in breaking the cycle and creating a sense of safety, security and wellbeing. Moreover, as part of a holistic recovery framework, we offer tailored support to help individuals in achieving their goals.

Sometimes, the goals are simple ones – perhaps being able to use public transport. Other times, the goal is something bigger, like returning to education, securing permanent employment or rebuilding relationships with family members.

How we do it: Compassion, respect, justice and excellence Casa Venegas Impact Report

Our teams of caregivers make regular visits to our independent living homes and provide on-call afterhours assistance. It’s a respectful, carefully balanced approach to support that gives people their own space and privacy in a stable home environment – vital in nurturing self-esteem and independence – while ensuring help is always available. In this way, we work one-on-one with individuals to continually evolve the support we provide, from day-to-day support – help with meal planning, shopping, attending medical appointments – through to advocating for financial and healthcare support from government and social support agencies.

Regaining hope, independence and a meaningful life

With a stable home and ongoing assistance from our team, the people we support are able to make choices, safe in the knowledge they’re not alone. They’re able to define the life they want to live and develop the support networks, confidence and skills they need to manage their mental health, work towards their goals and reconnect with their community and, where possible, their family.

Client stories

Find out how we support our clients to reach their full potential and experience opportunities of their choice.


How can you help? 

The intensive personal support we provide makes a lasting difference in the lives of the people in our care. If you’d like to help us help more people get off the street and back on their feet, either through a private donation or as a corporate partner, we’d love to hear from you.

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