Enhancing the lives of people with an intellectual disability, every day.

Individually tailored accommodation, support, therapy and education solutions for life. We specialise in supporting people with an intellectual disability, many with complex behaviours, and building their experiences with us. We are a values-based organisation that puts people with a disability, their goals and aspirations at the centre of what we do. We do this in partnership with families, and the community. View our client stories.

About St John of God Accord

Choice and control. That’s what the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is all about. It’s also at the heart of everything we do at Accord, supporting people with an intellectual disability and complex needs and their families across the greater Melbourne region, with wraparound services encompassing all areas and stages of life. That’s why, with the NDIS marking a sea change in the way disability services are delivered in Australia, our multidisciplinary, community-based team is ideally placed to expand and evolve to help people with an intellectual disability get the most out of the scheme, and life.

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Making a difference in the lives of the people we support

Everything we do at Accord is about making a difference in the lives of people with a disability, which is why we focus wholly on the individual from day one. Their wishes. Their goals. Their life. What’s more, it’s a commitment that begins from the moment a client and their family contact us. All of our employees undergo customer experience training as part of our client-focused staff orientation program, ensuring the individual comes first in every interaction and decision at every stage of every client’s life journey.

From teenagers through to senior citizens

Our wraparound service model means we’re able to design, develop and deliver support packages and plans that evolve with our clients. From school throughout life, we tailor our extended team’s broad expertise and capabilities to create solutions that meet clients’ changing needs. This is how, by working closely with our clients and their families, we’re able to walk with clients on their life journey, creating seamless support solutions and transitions through every stage of life.

Continuing to grow with and for our clients

Our not-for-profit organisation has been growing to meet the changing needs of people with an intellectual disability since 1952. Today, as part of St John of God Health Care, we’re continuing to evolve. We’re embracing the NDIS and evidence-based approaches – such as Positive Behaviour Support, which underpins our practices – to help people with an intellectual disability and their families enjoy a better quality of life.

With our integrated approach to delivering support locally, we’re currently supporting more than 1,000 people throughout the greater Melbourne region. And with the support of the nationwide St John of God Health Care network, we’re set to help even more people with a disability and their families experience more and enjoy life.

In partnership. For the journey.

At Accord, we’re here for clients throughout their life journey, every step of the way, from school onwards. Our multidisciplinary team designs and delivers integrated support and care packages spanning seven core service areas, ensuring every client gets the personalised help they need to develop their capabilities, realise their goals and live as fully and independently as they can.

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The NDIS can be confusing and often leaves people feeling overwhelmed. Our support coordinators are here to help clients and their families understand and navigate the NDIS, not only providing impartial advice on which NDIS services and providers will best suit their needs but actively creating and implementing tailored NDIS plans for clients. It’s a highly personalised, long-term relationship and service that, through regular reviews, ensures every client is able to fulfill their potential and achieve their life goals.

Therapy services

With our diverse team of experienced allied health clinicians, we’re able to offer clients a range of therapeutic support services, either as individual services or as a holistic, coordinated program. From occupational therapy and speech therapy to music therapy and positive behaviour support, we provide best-practice assessments and ongoing therapeutic support services that can be delivered at our local consulting rooms or in clients’ homes.

Wellbeing and life skills development

Delivered in community-based settings or in clients’ homes, our wellbeing and life skills development programs give people with an intellectual disability the opportunity to try new activities and develop vital capabilities, as well as build their confidence. Learning experiences range from everyday living skills, such as personal care and cooking, through to meditation, sensory programs and physical activities. All delivered either one-on-one or in a group setting. All designed to nurture a sense of wellbeing and independence.

Education and learning

We provide an array of education opportunities, including developmental training and tailored learning support designed to enhance clients’ skills and knowledge. Whether we’re focusing on core communication, literacy and numeracy skills, or developing life and vocational skills that enable clients to live, work and travel as self-sufficiently as they can, our certificate-based education programs are available as one-on-one classes or in group-learning environments.

Employment services

Our employment specialists work with employers to create rewarding vocational opportunities for our clients, from full-time and part-time jobs, to fulfilling volunteer roles, all chosen to suit each client’s unique skills, interests and goals. Completing the transition from school to life-skills development to educational support, our Disability Employment Service helps clients find their place in the community, developing an invaluable and often transformational sense of belonging and self-esteem through work.

Recreation and respite Accord photo resized

New experiences, new activities and lots of fun! Our recreation and respite services give clients the opportunity to get out in the community, relax with friends and enjoy some independence, whether it’s for a few hours, a day or for a weekend, with overnight stays away from home. Clients experience a host of stimulating social, leisure and sports activities, helping them build their confidence and independence, with outings and multi-day breaks available on a regular or on-demand basis to suit both clients and their families.

Accommodation and in-home support

When it comes to independent living support, we offer a variety of accommodation and in-home options, so we can design home and support packages to meet each client’s requirements and goals. Clients can choose to live at home or independently in a group home, with anywhere from one to five other people (shared independent living). And within this, we offer support ranging from 24/7 in-home support to scheduled visits from support workers who will assist with everyday tasks and help plan and organise daily life.

Our philosophy is to provide a home environment and tailor supports to each client’s needs so they can live their life to the full, as independently as possible.

Helping families understand the NDIS

The NDIS can be confusing for people with an intellectual disability and their families, so St John of God Accord provides seminars to explain how the NDIS works, how to transition to the NDIS, and how Accord can help people get the most out of the NDIS.

“Thank you so much for organising this NDIS seminar. I now have a much better understanding of how the NDIS works,” said Christine Browne, whose son Aaron has an intellectual disability.

The seminars provide an informal forum, with refreshments provided, where concerned parents and family members can ask questions and discuss specific queries with Accord’s NDIS experts.

We’re here for you. In partnership. For the journey.

“For me, it’s a real learning curve,” said Christine. “The information the Accord team provided will help me address Aaron’s needs, and I’m sure that, once Aaron has been enrolled with the NDIS, it will be most beneficial for him. “I’m really glad that Accord took this initiative to educate parents on how to tackle the NDIS.”

Client stories

Find out how we support our clients to reach their full potential and experience opportunities of their choice.

You can make a difference, too. 

The support we provide depends on the support of others. If you’d like to make a difference in the lives of people with an intellectual disability and their families, either as a donor or corporate partner, we’d love to hear from you.

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