And now, under the banner of Community Services, our Social Outreach and Accord disability service divisions are set to continue evolving to improve client experiences and outcomes for even more people in more local communities.

Uniting and strengthening our services

We’ve made a lot of important, strategically significant structural changes since 2016, all with a view to enabling us to reach out and support more people in need.

Social Outreach is now a centrally managed division in its own right, bringing together all of our outreach services – Raphael Services, Horizon House, Casa Venegas, community mental health services and International Health – under one umbrella.

Building on each service’s proud history of delivering life-changing support and care, we are now able to take a more integrated, collaborative approach to everything. From ensuring clinical excellence, through to harnessing new technologies and funding opportunities to expand the geographical reach and scope of our services, the Social Outreach family has come together to deliver improved outcomes for clients and assist them to reconnect with the community.

Similarly, Accord has strengthened and grown as a division.

In addition to becoming a registered provider of disability services within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Accord augmented and expanded its services by integrating Marillac disability services, an organisation previously owned and operated by The Daughters of Charity services.

Currently supporting more than 1,000 clients across metropolitan Melbourne, the success of Accord’s transition to the NDIS with a broader range of services was achieved by nurturing a customer-focused culture with the purpose, ‘Making a difference to the people we support’. Accord’s services now span support coordination, therapy, wellbeing, life skills development, accommodation, in-home support, recreation, respite, education, learning and employment services.

Going even further, together

The fact that these major structural and systemic changes have been made so seamlessly and productively is testament to the professionalism of the people working throughout Community Services,which bodes well for the future.

For Social Outreach, there’s a host of exciting challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

As we evolve our services and strive to address areas of unmet need, we’re looking to share and harness the considerable wealth of knowledge that exists across the division in the pursuit of continuous improvement in all that we do. In clinical safety, governance and best practice. In exploiting new technologies to collaborate more effectively and enhance the client experience. In improving consumer engagement, service accessibility and outcomes reporting.

Likewise, Accord is set to consolidate its already firmly established position as a leading proponent of the NDIS by continuing to focus on the customer experience as the Accord team develops and expands the division’s service offering.

Exploring new technologies and finding more efficient and innovative ways of delivering personalised, customer-centred solutions for people with intellectual disabilities and their families, Accord will continue to be in the vanguard of NDIS providers, leading the drive to bring a greater range of support to people and communities across Victoria.

Looking back, we’ve come a long way in the last couple of years. Looking forward, coming together as Community Services is a hugely significant milestone marking the beginning of a new era in community based care and support delivered on behalf of St John of God Health Care.
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