Managing COVID-19

During this unprecedented emergency, St John of God Health Care remains focused on keeping our patients, doctors and caregivers safe and assist in controlling the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Following the Prime Minister’s previous announcements in recent weeks, we have recommenced non-urgent elective surgeries at our hospitals, in addition to continuing to provide urgent and emergency care.

We are working closely with our Specialists to schedule and prioritise surgeries to meet the needs of our patients and communities, while working within the 50 per cent activity limit set by the Federal Government.

Please contact the Specialist or the relevant hospital directly for more details on surgery types or Specialists who are now scheduling surgeries. You can view our Specialists and access their contact details through our Find a Specialist search.

Specialist medical care

Beyond surgeries, specialists who provide care at our hospitals continue to look after patients in partnership with us. Of course, not all ailments need surgery and ongoing medical care for chronic and acute conditions such as heart disease, respiratory conditions, diabetes and cerebrovascular disease continue to be important.

COVID-19 precautions for patients and visitors

While some COVID-19 restrictions are being gradually eased across our communities, we are maintaining our precautionary measures within our hospitals to help keep our patients safe and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

These precautions are in line with all Federal and State guidelines and we are responding as the guidelines and advice changes.

Precautions affecting patients and visitors include:

  • Limiting visitor numbers
  • Screening patients and visitors on entry to the hospital, including taking their body temperature
  • Offering hospital appointments via telehealth (telephone or video conferencing) where appropriate and possible

Patients who are seeking testing for COVID-19 are directed to their nearest COVID clinic, and we are able to test inpatients in our hospitals if needed.

Maternity care and parent education changes

We are continuing to care for pregnant women and their families as a part of our maternity care, supporting both vaginal and c-section deliveries.

Pregnant women who attend the hospital for appointments or to give birth can have one support person (or visitor) with them for the duration of their stay.

We are now offering parent education classes and information online, instead of our traditional face-to-face sessions. The online classes cover a range of topics from what to expect at hospital, preparing for childbirth, early parenting and breastfeeding. Women who are booked in to give birth with us will be contacted via email with the details to attend.

There are no changes to our care or pain relief options available to women giving birth.

Our postnatal length of stay at hospital is also unaffected, however women can choose to return home early if they wish. Women in Perth can access postnatal care at home via our St John of God Healthcare at Home visiting midwives

Online GP education

We have temporarily postponed in-person GP education events to minimise visitors and large gatherings on site.

Where possible, we are now delivering GP education remotely. See our upcoming events and register to attend.

Supply of personal protective equipment

As always, our priority is the safety of our patients, caregivers and Specialists. Ensuring the adequate availability of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical.

We are following all national and state guidelines and protocols to ensure the effective use of PPE to reduce risk for our patients, Specialists and caregivers. We are continuously providing education regarding the use of PPE to ensure it is used properly to help us maintain supply throughout this pandemic which as you know is putting pressure on stocks globally.

Contact us

We are available to speak with GPs about any issues or difficulties you are facing at this time in supporting patients to access our services.

Find your relevant hospital contact details.

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