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Your donations help the St John of God Foundation deliver better health outcomes to your community.

Making a difference

St John of God Health Care's supporters through the Foundation, have raised more than $40 million towards revolutionary medical research, contemporary facilities and equipment, and the delivery of critical social services.

Thanks to generous donors, our community can continue to receive the very best care, informed by research and delivered by exceptional multidisciplinary teams.

Our initiatives

Your gift to St John of God Foundation goes directly towards supporting a range of initiatives and ongoing projects that ensures our patients and their families receive the best care.

Medical research

We believe that research is integral in providing patients with optimal care. Together with exceptional clinical care in contemporary facilities, we strive to remain at the cutting edge of technology and medical innovation.

Bendat Family Comprehensive Cancer Centre

The Foundation raised $22 million to build and develop the Bendat Family Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Subiaco.

You can make a difference

Our donors enable us to provide the best care for the community through excellence in medical research, contemporary facilities and equipment, and critical social services. You can help too by supporting the St John of God Foundation.

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See the impact you have made to thousands of lives.

St John of God Foundation

Mental Health is important to us. As a part of Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week, our perinatal mental health expert Professor Marie-Paule Austin explains why women who are planning a pregnancy, already pregnant or have recently become mums should check in on their emotional wellbeing:

St John of God Foundation

In late 2012, Fiona Hancock made a doctor’s appointment for what she thought was a cold. Instead, she was delivered some much more serious news - breast cancer. Read more about Fiona's story and how our generous donors have enabled our caregivers to provide the best possible care to people like Fiona:

St John of God Foundation

This week we are celebrating 10,000 babies born across our hospitals this year. Baby Freya born to parents Latesha and John Jeffery had their first days in hospital captured on video:

St John of God Foundation

We are always looking to support international life changing research projects like the POSITIVE trial. Breast cancer can put baby plans on hold, so when Kirby was diagnosed at 26 she had to face the prospect that she may never realise her dream of being a mum. Three years later, Kirby became the first Australian woman to plan, conceive and deliver a healthy baby as part of the international POSITIVE trial:

St John of God Foundation

St John of God Foundation supports excellence in cardiovascular care across our divisions. “With intensive care, coronary care and chest pain clinics and consultants available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, there is the added reassurance that high-level urgent care can be provided if needed.” Read more: