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Community Health

Bakhita Community Medical Clinic - Timor-Leste

Bakhita Community Medical Clinic

The Bakhita Community Medical Clinic is located in the village of Eraulo in the district of Ermera, East Timor. St John of God Health Care has provided support to the clinic since 2007; administering health programs throughout the district, funding local clinic staff, employing a clinic coordinator and supplying fuel for ambulances and a generator.

Supported by the Timorese Ministry of Health (MOH), the clinic was built by the community with direct support from fundraising organisations in Australia. It is funded locally through the President’s Office and also from Australia through St John of God Health Care, East Timor Sunrise and Rotary International.

In addition to our nursing and pathology development programs in East Timor, St John of God Health Care supports this community-based health service because it provides essential care for a very remote population.

Our ongoing support of the Bakhita Community Medical Clinic has included provision of motorcycles for health workers to access patients in the more inaccessible parts of the surrounding area. This cuts journey times significantly and means health workers are much more efficient in responding to the needs of the local community.

St John of God Health Care has also engaged communities in Australia, who have played an important role in fundraising for maternity care packs to be provided to families with newborn babies. These care packs provide basic, yet essential, items for parents to care for their babies immediately after birth.

We are committed to supporting the Bakhita Community Medical Clinic in order for this important service to build its capacity to provide the primary health care needs of people in the community in a sustainable manner with the ultimate goal of enabling the clinic to become self-sufficient in the long term.

Unique model of care

The Bakhita Community Medical Clinic is a unique model in Timor, consisting of a partnership between the community, the Catholic Church, the Ministry of Health and private funders. The clinic provides the surrounding community much needed basic health care that would otherwise not be available without patients walking several hours to alternative clinics in surrounding areas.